Technical Session

Automated tax compliance - Managing big data
- What are we heading to?

With automation of the tax compliance requirements, the tax administration canvas has gone digital. Big data is one major gain and also a challenge to scientifically structure it and extract insightful data analytics which could be used to plug revenue leakage and anti-evasion drives. Similarly, automated compliance offers an opportunity for large Corporate Groups to take a treetop view of the tax liabilities and derive valuable insights for mega corporate decisions.

Discussion Topics

  • Trends in digitalization and future growth;
  • AI-enabled data capture from unstructured forms
  • Pre-filled forms and quality of data
  • Improving touchpoint between tax administration and taxpayers
  • Scraping the web for information about shadow economy
  • Predicting frauds in audits and imports
  • Predicting future revenue streams
  • AI Security and bias
  • Importance of legal safeguards - taxpayers’ rights
  • Use of financial and business data from industry sources in risk-modelling
  • Blockchaining - Edge computing

Meet our Panelist

TIOL Knowledge Foundation (TKF) has received CONSENTS from following dignitaries to join our Technical Session on Beyond ABC of DE (Digital Economy).

Mr Anders Agerskov

Head, Preventive Service Unit,
World Bank

Mr M K Sinha


Mr Sunil Sharma

Technical Expert

Mr Akhil Arora

Principal Secretary to Govt. of Rajasthan, IT & Communication

Mr Arun Mishra

Special Secretary(Retd.),
Govt of Bihar

Ms Shruti Dvivedi Sodhi

Partner and Regional Head, Khaitan Legal Associates

Mr Prakash Kumar

Former CEO, GSTN

Mr Atul Gupta

Deloitte Touché Tohmatsu India LLP