Technical Session

Beyond ABC of DE (Digital Economy)

With market potential running in trillions of dollars across the world, businesses are poised to be transformed by portals and apps that replace the in-person sales model in favour of digital sales. This has thrown innumerable issues that policy-makers, tax payers and professionals in the arena of both direct and indirect taxes, need to grapple with.

Discussion Topics

  • Trends in digitalization and future growth;
  • Tax parity between in-person sales; and digital sales;
  • Global trends in tax compliance by offshore suppliers;
  • Challenges in imposing customs duties on intangible good (e.g. permanent transfer of IPRs, carbon credits);
  • Unique challenges in taxation of digital supplies;
  • Taxation of digital assets (e.g.cryptocurrencies, NFTs);
  • GST issues in negative pricing

Meet our Panelist

TIOL Knowledge Foundation (TKF) has received CONSENTS from following personalities to join our Technical Session on Beyond ABC of DE (Digital Economy).

Mr Michael Lennard

Secretary, UN Tax Committee

Mr Kamlesh Varshney


Mr R K Singh

Former Member, CESTAT

Mr Saurabh Sancheti

CFO, Jio Digital

Mr Pramod Jain

Sr VP and Taxation Head,

Mr Rohinton Sidhwa

Partner, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited LLP

Mr Rohan Shah

Senior Advocate